Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I've blocked
you out,
more than I ever did.

The secrets
I've kept.
I've kept,
well hid.

The pain
I've been through
The pain
I've felt,
you'll never be a part of
because you
never helped.

The rides
I've taken
away from you,
help to see
me through.

My eye's grow dimmer
So I sit down.
And lay.

Strolling in a stolen jumper.

for the kind words.

You've driven me out of the house.
My fear and anger wrapped up in curds.

Another day, week, year
Of you're words I live in fear.


Sunday Night

Person 1 cocaine
Person 2  laughing gas
Person 3 mega
Person 4 weed

Monday Morning

Person 1 Phd Student
Person 2 Goverment advisor
Person 3 Primary school teacher
Person 4 Father

Early Morning Murder

At school,
a beacon of
loathed radiance.

Her words ruthlessly
A windy tornado, drew a shriek.


Caught in the creek.

of wire.
Consume the
Prosperous eyes as bright as
the moon.

The crystal fields
loom and judge her.

Monday, 1 November 2010

advice to you my 2 year old girl

A wise girl kisses but
doesn't love,
listens but doesn't believe,
and leaves before she is left.


old friends
a handshake of love
no words.
a nod
a wink
a shrug.

Old Pair

Romantic walks.
about the ducks,
and the boats, they talk.

The clouds,
are grey,
and dull as soot.

Damp. Dank.
Concrete lay
under their foot.

A bitter breeze.
Whispers past them.

Their ripped jeans
and scruffy hair.

It does not Condemn.


Blogging is all very new to me.
I'll take this chance to post with Anonymity.