Monday, 10 January 2011


When she sits with a coffee in her hand and wonders what is left.
She see's everything.
Wanting of nothing. Need now a dusty pastime to her.
She see's everything.
Pot's of golden memories and promise circle her.
She see's everything.
Decadence and desire met effortlessly into her hands of grace.
She see's everything.
She wants to fly. Set flight.
She wants to buy. Steady feet.
She wants to hide. Here; seat.
She see's everything.
A creature once of the sea, land and night. Global, nationwide sight.
She see's everything.
A beauty.
A brain.
A girl.
She has everything.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

A feeling. A nudge.

A crush,
a fling,
a faux feeling.
Like, desire, lust,
a satan thing.

A crack
shows itself.
Questions arise,
sugared answers
cannot disguise.

Crunch time
Lost and disgraced,
we turn to the

A break.

Our heart he did
not take.